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This ongoing generation is now very much addicted to smartphones. Those days are gone when people are crazy about laptops and pc. Now everyone think of buying new and multi-featured smartphones or tablets. People are addicted because of smartphones diversity. You can buy from 10,000 t0 50,000. But now comes what you will do after buying it. Definitely you want some must apps for your smartphone. So the indeed app for your smartphone is email client app.  So let’s carry on today with Email Client apps:

Why you need Email client Apps:

Gmail Android Email Client AppAccording to the recent survey by Techieoasis, we had found that people prefer to do emails over SMS and calls. People love to call only those people who are very close like family member and dear friends. For other people they carry out with doing email. But as I stated above people are addicted to smartphones and they are having them 24 hrs. That’s why to increase your efficiency you need the email client apps for your smartphones. Now you can read, delete and manage your emails anywhere. You don’t need to wait for laptop or internet café.

How Email Client Apps Works:

These apps definitely use the internet. But that’s not the major problem you can easily recharge with data-pack or use Wi-Fi of malls, institutes or office. You have to open these email client apps and sign up with your desired email address. After this whenever your smartphone gets connected to internet it will connect all the emails. Now you can read, delete, forward and much more. If internet is not there then also you can easily read the buffered emails.


What is Email Client Apps?

Everyone knows about what is email (sending e-messages to different people having unique email address). Client is the one who request the server to get his work done. Here every person who is having email address is an email client because he uses Gmail or any other server to compose or read an email. So email client apps are those by which you can send email, read, delete, forward and do many other settings like auto-forward.


Which is best app for email client?

But here comes the main problem “how I will get the excellent email client app”.  As there are many emails client apps, which one you will download and which one you will ignore. But here Techieoasis is giving you the best apps for android email clients, with theses email clients apps you can very well manage your emails.

1.  K9 Android Email Client App:

Handshake with K9:

Gmail Android Email Client AppAt the first glimpse only, you will find it very useful. But I am sure that after using it for some time you will definitely appreciate it. K-9 Mail is a community-developed project. So there is a group of people dedicated to improve the app and they are open to send bug reports and suggestions.
From starting it is the most used android email client app for android smartphones. It is diverse in terms of features and fulfills every user needs.  Till now this app has launched many versions to satisfy people’s needs. Its latest version is 4.409 which much more efficient with few bugs.

Main Features of K9:

  • It includes auto configuration for Fast Mailing.
  • It has option to translate among few languages -French, Korean, and Polish etc.
  • For narrow android devices the account display is tightened up.
  • It supports POP3, IMAP and Exchange 2003/2007 protocols.
  • A unified inbox
  • Automatically detect spam messages.
  • You can archive and mark emails as important, spam and star..
  • All IMAP messages are pushed to your smartphone as it supports IMAP IDLE.
  • You can assign folders on your account to the archive, sent, spam, drafts, and trash features.
  • You can set synchronize limits to save your phone’s battery and space.
  • Highly customizable, you can modify the interface by changing account colors and removing buttons
  • Batch manages messages with a swipe.
  • Using the Recreate data facility you can completely remove your old profile and message stored on your device not on the server. Now you are able to create brand new profile.

Where K9 Excels:

Account setup is really easy (it automatically detects Gmail settings) and so you can run instantly.
It’sInterface is designed such that you can maximum emails at a time without scrolling it down.
Inbox place each email individually (It will not group the email from same address into conversations) But you can easily go from one email to the next in the conversation with one button.
It is highly customizable,you can modify which folders match up with which functions, set the limit how much of a folder K-9 downloads to your device. You can change the color of light that to be flashed when you receive a notification.


Where K9 Falls Short:

It display message slowly.
You can’t search for messages on the server. Only the messages actually downloaded by the k9 app will be searched. So here we are using a big feature of android email client.
This app doesn’t seem to have a “conversation” view. It will not put the threaded messages of same address together, but display them individually.
k9 android email client

Conclusion |K9 email client app:  

If you are having Gmail address then you should go for Gmail email client app. No one can beat it for Gmail address.  But if you are having email address other than Gmail like (yahoo, outlook, Hotmail, etc.), then we will recommend you K9 email client app. It also works well with Gmail accounts.

User Views|K9 Android Email client App:

  • Beautiful app. The quiet time is a brilliant idea but sometimes doesn’t work. I want to suggest that this feature should have an option that which day quiet should work and which day it should not. Like for Sundays, it will better to do quiet time.


  • The latest version is better but still some things to be fixed. Overall I like K9 email, way better than the stock. Some settings don’t seem to work: turning off the unread message count, turning on the search count, and turning off the multi-select box all don’t take effect.


  • My favorite email client app.  It’s not perfect but it has grown on me. Google’s stock email client is like all other Google apps – TOTAL JUNK!  New your user interface is top notch.


  • Great app, I was experiencing slowness after big update and tried to clear down mails but it kept crashing. Thankfully developers released a fix and recreating account worked and no more slowness.
Download K9 Email Client App For Android


2.  Gmail Android Email Client App:

Handshake with Gmail: 

Gmail Android Email Client AppIt is app from Google. So you know the popularity and usefulness of Google products. It is built on the concept that email can be more intuitive, efficient, useful and fun.  It is official Android app. In many smartphones it comes as default email client app.
There is nothing for surprise. As Google want to make this app fast and efficient with most used features. Google having a philosophy in his products that revolves around the concept of minimalism and whitespace. This concept you can very well found in this app.
Gmail email client for android

Main Features of Gmail:

  • Receive your emails instantly via push notifications.
  • Read and reply to your conversations online and offline.
  • You can search any email on server as well as among the emails actually downloaded by this app.
  • It can tracks conversations just like web-based Gmail does. It combines all conversations into one.
  • You can navigate easily between messages within a conversation with a simple touch.
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • View and save attachments
  • Set up label notifications
  • Delete and archive actions appear by default – control this in Settings
  • You can tap sender pictures to select multiple emails in the conversation list
  • All Bug fixed for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up.
  • Inbox is categorized like social, forums, updates, etc.

Where Gmail Excels:

It can combine all the threaded messages and put them under one email. Now you can easily navigate through those messages.
It’s Interface is very clean, easy to navigate, and pleasant to look at.
You can attach the files, which is the major feature you are getting in this app only.

Where Gmail Falls Short:

All features are old, which also isn’t a surprise.
It does not contain the features like Quiet Time*. Only contain usual features, no new.
Gmail email client for android

Conclusion |Gmail email client app:  

If you are Gmail account it is the best email client app for you.  It is very fast in opening and downloading messages. But if you are having multiple accounts like Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, etc. and then go for K9. It is best for Gmail users and perfect for daily basis.

User Views |Gmail Android Email client App:

  • The design and ideas are awesome. Whenever i get a reply it goes to the thread. But when I open the thread, only mine is shown.


  • Where is the delete button? My only criticism for this app was the removal of the delete button in the previous update. However now the delete button is back and it is a great thing.  No complaints now.


  • Excellent app. Talking about the new interface, I found a bug. When I mark more than 9 messages, interface won’t show the number of messages marked so far.


  • I am unable to remove categories.  I do not like this new “feature” of having my inbox categorized for me.


Download Gmail Email Client App For Android
So, go ahead, install these android email client apps. Try it and then comment here “Which one is best for you?”
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