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5 Best Free Email App for Android Tablets, Smartphones and Devices
We know that all your smartphones already having default email app, but had you gone out of box or think about it. If yes, then this article is for you. We had listed 5 best and free email app for your android tablets and smartphones. Try these apps, definitively these are having plenty of advantage over you default email app.


Nowadays I think everybody is addicted for his/her smartphones. Everybody wants the latest smartphones with new features. But let me ask you “after buying your smartphones, are you utilizing its full cost, are you getting most out of it. Think upon my question then proceed further. Here are the apps from which you can get most out from your smartphones or tablets. This article is about Best and free email apps for android.
But now you say, “Sorry Boss! I am already having a default android email app”.  I had expected this from you. You are perfectly right dude, but your default email app will only serve the minimal purpose but these apps will going to give much more. 
I have searched five email client in Google play which are free and best among rest email apps over there. But we know every application have some plus and minus. If you want perfect email app you need to try TouchDown which has a trial of 30 days only and then you have to buy it for $19.99 USD. But we all love free things. So here they are don’t wait grab them all. Try all these free apps to utilize your mobile because sky is the limit.

K-9 Mail

k-9 Mail APP
During Installing you will find it too primitive. But I am very sure you will appreciate the way how it approaches email and give it a nice look. It will automatically detect your Gmail settings. So no problems in setting an account, use it instantly.

Plus Points:

·         Support – POP3, IMAP and Exchange 2003/2007
·         IMAP push email is there
·         Multi-folder synchronization
·         PGP (then you need to install APG appalso)
·         Supports Flagging
·         You can include Signatures
·         Bcc to self
·         Save emails to SD card
·         You can filter your emails based on data, arrival, subject, sender, star, read and attachments.
·         It offers much better support for folders and sub-folders.
·         It is open source.
·         You can track multiple email accounts.
·         Interface is design to provide you maximum information without making it look disgusting.

Aqua Mail

If you are the person who use multiple email accounts and want to access and manage under one app, then aqua mail is perfect. It has a feature called “Smart Inbox” which aggregates all your unread messages into single inbox, so that you can go through them quickly and easily. You can include tons of widgets and do lot of customization in this app.

Plus Points:

·         Support push mail service
·         Save attachments to your memory card
·         Support – IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
·         You can track multiple accounts.
·         Home screen widget
·         Message auto-fit in screen
·         You can integrate Aqua Mail with services like Light Flow, Enhanced SMS, and Cloud Print
·         Smart Inbox feature allow you to read mails quickly
Till know you found it great. But it has also some downside. In this free version you can add only your 2 accounts. If you want to upgrade your app to pro version, you have to pay $4.95 USD. Some limitations in free version:
·         A promotional signature will be stamped at the bottom of every outgoing email
·         And on a more preferential note, the aesthetics aren’t the best will be send
·         You’re limited to only two accounts
·         It has less than standard folder architecture. Not good for folders and sub-folders usage.

Yahoo Mail

yahoo mail app
Five years back yahoo mail was the best email service but after it Gmail proved to be more powerful.  But anyway till now also many people use yahoo mail service. If you are yahoo mail user, then this is indeed the best app for you. In the starting I found it some difficult but later on I found that app wasn’t ugly. The color scheme of grey and purple is awesome.  It has few navigating buttons but they are placed at weird spots. For example, I thought “back arrow” would return me to the previous screen but it replied instead. “Down arrow” navigated me to the next email instead of new menu. These small-small things sometimes makes problems. App is but little hard to learn.


Plus Points:

  • Get notifications for new emails
  • Awesome feature of auto-complete of email add.
  • Select many messages at a time to organize your inbox faster
  • Synchronize multiple Yahoo email accounts
  • Take new pics while composing new email
  • Take sneak of pictures at the top of an email
  • Variety of background themes to customize your inbox. 

My Secure Mail

my secure mail app

It is another mail app in the free email client space. But it’s free version does not include Exchange support. If you want Exchange support then you have to pay $7.99 USD to purchase Exchange key for this app. But without Exchange support also it proved to be powerful email client app. It has lots of settings and you can customize it to full extent. It is like K-9 mail app. If you have a confidential work and want to encrypt the messages, then you need to buy the license for my secure mail app. Then you can include your digital signatures also.

Plus Points:

·         Auto setup with in few seconds
·         Support for SMTP, POP, IMAP, Lotus Notes
·         Folder synchronization
·         TLS/SSL support for security
·         Lots of Widgets
·         Gesture support


Emoze Mail

Emoze mail App

This is also the free email app which provides you full secure conversations.  It is for those people who are having a confidential and have to send emails securely. It is mainly liked by business people. You can report for bug and issues at It supports all major service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, WebDav, EWS,, MS-Exchange servers. It has features like SIM card replacement alerts, remote locking facility, and alarm in case of issues. You can also remotely lock your phone and also wipe out all the data on your phone. You can perform the same by sending SMS or an email to the phone or email account respectively. You can enable thee settings for SIM card replacement notification on specified number.

Plus Points:

  • Support Push Mail, IMAP and POP3
  • Synchronize contacts and calendar
  • You can access multiple accounts.
  • You can select folders which you want to be automatically pushed to the phone when new email come
  • It has specific folder where you can view all attachments in one place
  • Forward attachment without downloading them.
  •  You can search through Global address list
  • Personalize your Inbox emails with Facebook profile pictures of friends
  • Supports 25 languages

Finally which email app you should go for –

ØSo now you have five of the best free email apps available on Google Play till now.
Ø Each of these apps has their ups and downs but has something unique to offer that your default email app doesn’t have.
ØSo try all the apps, as they are free. And then decide which one fits your requirements.
ØIn case you know of any other free email apps that deserve a mention? Feel free to share below in the comments. As we loves variety.


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